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Guest Lecture Event!




Literary Masquerade

Don’t forget that the Literary Masquerade will be Wednesday, October 31st from 3-5 pm in Regents Suite B in the Student Center. Come dressed as your favorite literary character or author. There will be free refreshments and games! Happy Halloween!

October 10, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Follow the link below to see what we talked about in our meeting yesterday! We discussed the literary masquerade, the t-shirt fundraiser, and Dr. Denise Millstein talked about the upcoming LSU Mardis Gras Conference. We are also happy to announce our newly-elected Secretary, Lauren Hawkins!


Vita Workshop

Hey guys,

Don’t forget. Tomorrow we will be hosting a Vita Workshop led by Dr. Steve Marsden. We will be in the conference room at 4PM. It will take only an hour. Bring your CV and any questions you may have about academic professionalism.
See you soon!


September 12, 2012 Official Minutes

Here are the official minutes from yesterday’s meeting. We discussed fundraising, social events, secret stuff, and more!Sept12Minutes

Graduate Student Welcom Packet!


Here is the welcome packet provided at the Graduate Student Kick-Off. The packet is provided by Dr. Hoagland and EGSA.

August 24 Graduate Student Kick-off

General Graduate Student Meeting Minutes for August 24, 2012


Students may have the opportunity to guest lecture in lower level classes. If you have not done so, make sure to get your preferred content areas to Dr. Hoagland, ASAP.

  • If you are getting published or are presenting at a conference, make sure to let Dr. Sanders and EGSA know! We love to recognize success!
  • If you wish to contact EGSA, we have a new official email account:
  • Laura Davis also set up a twitter accout: @SFAEgsa.
  • Please turn in all questionnaires to Joshua Lyons. He has a box in the office. You can reach him by email at:
    • Josh will compile the information so that we can better serve the graduate student community
    • For the spring symposium, all communication and paperwork should go through Laura Davis. She also has a box in the office and can be reached by email at:
    • If you are considering presenting at a conference:
      • benefits: networking, vita line, experience
      • The department may be able to help finance a portion of the fees. Let them know ASAP.

Proposed and Upcoming Events:

  • A new fall workshop for a refresher/introduction to academic writing at the graduate level in the classroom.
    • It was suggested that we cover this at the first EGSA meeting.
    • We can ask Dr. Christine McDermott to lead the workshop and introduce herself to the group.
    •  The first EGSA meeting is on Wednesday, September 12, in the conference room, from 4:00PM to 5:00PM
    • Graduate Program Open House
      • Friday, October 12, from 1-3 PM in the conference room.
      • Undergraduate and eligible seniors who may be considering pursuing their Master’s at SFA.
      • Members of the graduate program are encouraged to attend to speak for the department and share their experiences with the candidates.
      •  There will be free food!
      • In early November, we will offer a workshop for applying and preparing for conferences
        • Proposals/abstracts
        • the process
        • faculty help/guidance
        • A “banned book week”
          • Organized and hosted by the graduate program, particularly the GA’s.
          • We can host readings and discussions over banned books from various genres
          • For all other scheduled meetings and workshops, please consult the calendar in the welcome packet, which will be available on EGSA’s pages in the near future.

Suggested Fundraiser:

  • A reading marathon
    • Suggested by Dr. Hoagland
    • Students will collect donations before and during the reading
    • Volunteers read from a large work, taking turns
    • We need suggestions for good texts that would attract a wide audience
    • The suggested time is in February


Congratulations are in order for Kristi Warren, Haley Hiers, and Kay Porter on their recent publications on the Composition in the Piney Woods website!

Check out their publications here:

Kristi Warren- From the Social Turn to the Sentence: Durst and Fish on Teaching College Composition

Haley Hiers- James Lang’s On Course: a Friendly Resource for New College Teachers

Kay Porter- Teaching with TechnologyComposition in the Piney Woods: SFA 1923-1940


Relevant Links for Grad Students

Constitution as of Spring 2012

Constitution of “English Graduate Student Association”


We, the members of the English Graduate Student Association (EGSA) do hereby establish this Constitution on February 27, 2012 in order that our purpose be realized to its fullest extent.

Article I –

Name The name of the organization will be the English Graduate Student Association (EGSA), henceforth referred to as EGSA.

Article II

Purpose 1. This new organization at SFA is for all English faculty and graduate students who are interested in networking, socializing, sharing ideas, and getting more involved as an English community.

2. EGSA understands and is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities of abiding by the Stephen F. Austin’s policies.

Article III – Membership Active membership shall be limited to persons officially connected with the University as enrolled English graduate students. In addition, the following requirements are necessary to constitute voting membership:

1. Payment in full of financial obligations as determined by the organization.

2. Officers must attend 75% of all meetings each semester, and members are encouraged to attend and as often as possible.

3. Active participation in all activities sponsored by EGSA unless the activities interferes with either a class or job.

4. EGSA openly admits students to its membership and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, or disabled veteran status.

Article IV


1. Officers of EGSA must be enrolled for as a graduate student for a minimum of three (3) or more credit hours at Stephen F. Austin University during their term of office.

EGSA will be governed by the following means:

2. An elected President (or other designated officer) will preside at all meetings of EGSA. The President will maintain the power to appoint all committee chairpersons, shall present all motions to the body present and must be present at 90% of the meetings of EGSA. The President is responsible for communication between EGSA, its advisory board, and Student Involvement and Leadership. The President will also be a cosigner on the EGSA bank account.

3. EGSA shall also maintain a Vice President. The Vice President’s duties shall be to preside at all meetings and functions that the President cannot attend. The Vice President will also be in charge of maintaining records of membership, organization registration and officer training on a semester basis, and other tasks delegated by the President.

4. Club members shall also elect a Treasurer who will handle all dues, accounts, expenditures, and be in charge of organizing and carrying out fundraisers. 5. EGSA shall also maintain an elected Secretary who is in charge of blogs, minutes, announcements, and communications between members, officers, faculty, advisors, and the university as delegated by the President.

Article V


1. Voting Eligibility: Those members meeting all requirements of active membership by-election day as set forth in Article II will be eligible to vote.

A). Voting members must be present on the day of elections in order to cast a vote. If a member cannot make it to the election that day, they may vote by proxy if approved by the President or faculty advisor.

2. Election Process: All officers shall be elected by a majority of eligible members of EGSA. All elections will be held on a semester basis at the meeting before Thanksgiving and Spring breaks.

A. The President will take nominations from the floor, the nomination process must be closed and the motion seconded. The nomination parties will be allowed to vote if they are eligible voting members.

B. All voting shall be done by secret ballot to be collected and tabulated by the Secretary-Treasurer and one voting member of EGSA, appointed by outgoing President.

C. Newly elected officers will assume office on the date of graduation of leaving officers, except in the case of midterm elections. Officers elected midterm will assume office immediately after their election. Newly elected officers will shadow the officer they are replacing before they officially take office.

3. Removal: Any officer of EGSA in violation of the organization’s purpose or constitution may be removed from office by the following process:

A. A written request by at least three members of the organization.

B. Written notification to the officer of the request and asking the officer to be present at the next meeting prepared to speak in their own defense.

C. Written notification to the membership.

D. A two-thirds (2/3) majority is necessary to remove officer.

4. Replacement: Should an officer resign or be removed, a special election will be held one week after written notification to all voting members. Midterm elections shall be conducted as specified in Article V, section 2.

5. Meetings: All meetings will occur on a monthly basis or other regular basis at a time selected by EGSA and will follow the procedures set forth: Attendance, Report by President, Committee reports. Vote on all committee motions and decisions. Faculty presentations and workshops. Any other business put forward by the members of the club. Dismissal by the President.

Article VI

Finances EGSA will finance the activities it engages in by the following means:

1. University and English department approved fundraisers as needed.

2. EGSA will conduct all financial activities in accordance with university policy and place all funds in its university account. The organization’s bank account must have two cosigners at all times, the President and Treasurer.

Article VII – Amendments This constitution is binding to all members of EGSA, but the constitution is not binding unto itself.

1. Amendments to the constitution may be proposed in writing by any voting member of EGSA at with a 2/3 vote.

2. These amendments will be placed on the agenda for the next regular meeting of the executive council or other officer grouping.

3. Proposed amendments will become effective following approval of two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of voting members. Bylaws (Date ratified or most recently amended)


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