August 24 Graduate Student Kick-off

General Graduate Student Meeting Minutes for August 24, 2012


Students may have the opportunity to guest lecture in lower level classes. If you have not done so, make sure to get your preferred content areas to Dr. Hoagland, ASAP.

  • If you are getting published or are presenting at a conference, make sure to let Dr. Sanders and EGSA know! We love to recognize success!
  • If you wish to contact EGSA, we have a new official email account:
  • Laura Davis also set up a twitter accout: @SFAEgsa.
  • Please turn in all questionnaires to Joshua Lyons. He has a box in the office. You can reach him by email at:
    • Josh will compile the information so that we can better serve the graduate student community
    • For the spring symposium, all communication and paperwork should go through Laura Davis. She also has a box in the office and can be reached by email at:
    • If you are considering presenting at a conference:
      • benefits: networking, vita line, experience
      • The department may be able to help finance a portion of the fees. Let them know ASAP.

Proposed and Upcoming Events:

  • A new fall workshop for a refresher/introduction to academic writing at the graduate level in the classroom.
    • It was suggested that we cover this at the first EGSA meeting.
    • We can ask Dr. Christine McDermott to lead the workshop and introduce herself to the group.
    •  The first EGSA meeting is on Wednesday, September 12, in the conference room, from 4:00PM to 5:00PM
    • Graduate Program Open House
      • Friday, October 12, from 1-3 PM in the conference room.
      • Undergraduate and eligible seniors who may be considering pursuing their Master’s at SFA.
      • Members of the graduate program are encouraged to attend to speak for the department and share their experiences with the candidates.
      •  There will be free food!
      • In early November, we will offer a workshop for applying and preparing for conferences
        • Proposals/abstracts
        • the process
        • faculty help/guidance
        • A “banned book week”
          • Organized and hosted by the graduate program, particularly the GA’s.
          • We can host readings and discussions over banned books from various genres
          • For all other scheduled meetings and workshops, please consult the calendar in the welcome packet, which will be available on EGSA’s pages in the near future.

Suggested Fundraiser:

  • A reading marathon
    • Suggested by Dr. Hoagland
    • Students will collect donations before and during the reading
    • Volunteers read from a large work, taking turns
    • We need suggestions for good texts that would attract a wide audience
    • The suggested time is in February

About SFA English Graduate Student Association

The English Graduate Student Association (EGSA) is a student-led, professional, and social organization of graduate students in the English department. EGSA organizes activities such as: bringing scholars and authors to campus for speaking engagements; organizing workshops on topics like writing paper abstracts for submittal to conferences, presenting conference papers, and getting papers published; organizing study groups for the MA comprehensive exams; and getting graduate students together for informal social events.

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